Quality Cedar Roof Cleaning & Treating

Your cedar roof is slowly being destroyed by fungus and the elements of weather. The fact is, unprotected wood weakens and decomposes as it loses natural oils. Although natural cedar oil, thujaplicin oil, is a good preservative, it is depleted from the wood in three to five years.

The Problem 
Heat and sunlight shorten wood life through cellular breakdown—the effect doubling with each 18-degree F. rise in temperature. Water damage occurs when moisture builds up and leaches thujaplicin oils from the wood—exposing the wood to damage from fungi, lichens, mosses, and other decaying organisms.

The Consequences  
Without care, a cedar roof will disintegrate from drying stress and internal rot. Untreated wood leads to irreversible cracking and splitting damage. Brown rot (dry rot) develops through the growth of various fungi. If left untreated, it penetrates into the wood—feeding on the remaining cellulose until only a brown or black residue remains.

Solution 1 

Solution 2

We will pressure wash your roof to remove fungi, lichens, mosses, and debris. We use a very gentle 1600 psi washing system that uses water volume, not pressure, for effective and safe cleaning. After cleaning, we will repair and replace any weather-damaged shakes and shingles. 

After cleaning, when your roof is dry, we will spray our specially formulated wood stain & preservative. We use Rodda’s Wood Preservative—non-toxic and fire-resistant. After treatment, your roof will have a silver-gray look, like natural sun-dried cedar. This comes with our 5-year moss warranty.



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